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Adorable Guineas

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I’ve had my 7 guineas for 8 weeks now. They are amazing. At first I was worried they’d be crazy and wild and never come near me, etc. But careful training on my part has given me some sweet and friendly little critters. They’re not as friendly as my chicks, and I never expected them to be. But they will eat out of my hand, run around my feet when I go into their pen, and let me pet them while they eat.


They are definitely not as loud as I was expecting, either. In fact, my hens (chickens) are louder than them! I  find their sounds very sweet and entertaining. Their antics are adorable as well.


I’ve wanted guineas since I first got chickens (almost 8 years ago), and am thrilled to have them. I can hardly wait for them to be old enough to get out and free range! (Though I currently do have that one worry that they won’t come back when I let them out… They probably will since they love their millet and I have it…. but that little nagging voice still is there.)


Here’s my Buff Dundotte, Helen…



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  1. Whata great photo- Love the view of her face. She’s very cool looking!



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