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Monthly Archives: July 2012

It’ll be a long time comin’

Photo Fridays are now on hold… on account of my camera being broken.


It randomly shuts itself off without closing the lens. I think it’s time for a new one…. But it will be a while until I can afford a good one. So… Here’s the last picture I took with it before it broke.

It’s my dog, Ginger. She’s an 11 year old Australian Shepherd and one of the most loyal dogs I’ve ever known.


Photo Friday – ON TIME!

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I’m late.

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Quite late, again.

My deepest apologies! Things got very hectic around here and I had no time to take pictures for Photo Friday. However, I did take some this evening and will do my best to get them put up this Friday.

Meantime, I’ve been drowning in eggs from my chickens, and heading up to 7 dozen in the refrigerator! I’d heard somewhere something about freezing eggs, so I looked it up and found this lovely blog and decided I must share it here. It’s The Prairie Homestead. Their post on freezing eggs is great! I’ve got 2 dozen in the freezer now, and plan to freeze as many as needed for those long weeks of molting and low production in the winter. I plan to freeze some in ice cube trays for baking needs — did an “experiment” and discovered that 1 egg fills 2 cubes.

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