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Photo Friday!!!

You read it right! Photo Friday is back this week. Here are a few of the pictures I took with my new camera. I haven’t quite figured out all its quirks, but  I’m lovin’ it so far. Super pleased.



The garden is thriving now that we got some rain!

Lazy old bean of a cat….

Milkmaid nasturtiums! They are beautiful but don’t have quite as much fragrance as the orange ones.

This camera captures color so vividly <3

Two of my pullets enjoying the sunshine

A red maple in town (and more vivid colors!)

Cream soda on a humid day… Lovely way to cool down.

Another lazy feline…



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  1. My favorite is the second photo but I enjoyed them all. My very first, split second reaction, to the lazy bean of a cat photo was to think OMG, there was a skunk in her house because I saw the white belly and black fur first and thought it was a skunk tail:)


  2. Haha… Yeah, Rascal does look like a skunk from the bottom. :P
    And thank you! :)



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