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I Didn’t Fall Off the Planet!

Here I am again… very, very behind in posting. Ah well. Life happens.

A couple days after my last post I went on a week long bike trip with a group of 165 other people. We biked from here in Otsego County, NY all the way up to Wescott Beach on Lake Ontario — 189 miles!

Completely amazing.
I’m definitely going back next year.
It’s kind of hard to put all the stuff I want to say in just one post…… But in short it was quite possibly the best week of my life so far and while I’m glad to be home and all that, I can hardly wait for next year to be back with everyone. We have so many wonderful memories, from singing songs about our butts being sore to gazing at the countless stars and the Milky Way to going out for ice cream with one of the mechanics. We played a few pranks, we got in trouble, we danced in the rain, we sang in the dark, we got sand in our sleeping bags. We got drenched in the thunderstorm and some tents flooded. We sweated and stank all together and toiled our way up those inclines (NO HILLS!), then coasted gleefully down the declines (no hills = no down hills). We had a polar swim at 7 AM when the beach was closed and we had some pretty intense volleyball games. (Well, not me. I just watched. hehe) We shared troubles and concerns, we shared life changing experiences, and we had some deep spiritual talks. And I don’t think that’s all there is to say but for now that’s good.


When I got home I realized I’d been functioning on adrenaline for the whole week and I crashed. After my crash I went to the NYS Pony Pullers’ Association Championship Pony Pull. If you’ve never been to a pony pull, you’re missing out on something amazing.

NYS Pony Pullers’ Association Championship Pony Pull 2012


Each of the bars (on the sled and in the pile, lower right corner) weighs 75#. The pull ended when the team pictured above pulled 5300# 10 feet – 3.5 feet shy of a full pull. The only other team able to move the 5300# weight could only move it 5 feet.


Also I’ve started a Facebook page for my photos. Currently it’s just a pet page, to see if I get any audience for my photography. If anyone’s interested it’s Larksong Photography.


Other than all that, I’ve just been busy in general with my job, critters and garden harvests.


I might get a Photo Friday up this week… We shall see. :)



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