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A Bit More Than Just Stitches…

You may remember my post from a while ago mentioning how one of my old girls had bumblefoot. Well, I’ve got another one.


Iris, one of my Easter Eggers, has developed the infection in her right foot. If left untreated, it can be fatal. So… Since Iris, unlike Pansy, is still in her prime (she’s about 1.5 years old), I’ve gotta bite the bullet (no pun intended) and perform surgery. The “biggest” thing of that sort I’ve ever done was stitches, when one of my girls got attacked by a fox and got a gash in her back.  This is definitely going to be a bit more than that.


Anyway, the procedure is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I’ve found some excellent resources and have been reading about it daily for the past week.


This page has some step by step photos and explanation of the process:


This video shows just what’s done (don’t watch if you’re squeamish!)



Wish me luck….



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