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Success! …. maybe…

Well, the surgery went well… Whether or not it was successful, I don’t know. Iris was such a good girl.


There’s the classic dark scab…

It wasn’t as hard as I expected. Soaking her foot in the warm water with Epsom salts really helped soften the skin. The one bad thing is I didn’t get the infected pus out. It was stuck where I couldn’t get either the scalpel or tweezers, so I just had to say, “You know what, other folks have had this problem, and have just packed it with the antibiotic cream and bandaged it, and things have turned out fine.” So that’s what I did. The bad part about that is the infection is still there, and sometimes the bird will develop resistance to the antibiotic and it won’t work.


But, all that said, Iris is back with her pals, foot wrapped up in green VetWrap, climbing to the top roost, digging in cow pies, and having a grand time like chickens always do.


I gotta change the bandage today… all that cow poop isn’t the greatest thing to leave on her foot…


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  1. Wow! I love your blog!!! I bet I could learn a lot from you! My husband and I are in the process of transforming from city mice to country mice. I am going to read all your entries! What a fascinating diversion. Love meeting people who have robust hobbies they enjoy!


  2. Thanks Aaron! I actually VERY rarely post (as you can see from my last entry being last year), but I’m glad you enjoy it. :)



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