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My name is Heather, and I’m a young Christian woman who lives in Upstate NY. I was home schooled from K-12 and I graduated in 2011. I never went to college, as there wasn’t/isn’t anything I was particularly keen on (at least not enough to spend all that money). I was also injured when I had surgical mesh implanted during a surgery a few years ago. A friend of mine runs a non-profit called The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the Injured, and wrote my story (as well as many others’) to let it be known that surgical mesh of any kind is not safe. Period. You can read my story here.

So since I am injured and there’s not a whole lot I am fully capable of doing anymore, I have found joy in small things. I like to take pictures, and have a small Facebook page for my photography. I love music – playing it and listening to it. I play acoustic guitar and am a member of our church’s worship team. Fingerstyle is my favorite. My music tastes cover a very wide range of genres, from pop to country, rap to doo-wop, and in between.

As far as TV and movies? Psych. Beauty and the Beast. Burn Notice. Arrow. Grimm. Sherlock. Lost. Merlin. All the Marvel movies. The Dark Knight trilogy. The Hobbit trilogy. The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Black Hawk Down. And more. I watch too much television.

I have an Australian Shepherd named Riley, a Dachshund named Moose, 3 cats (Mittens, Rascal aka The Beast/Beastly, and Clyde). And we’ve got two Jersey-Dexter cross heifers named Hazel and Briar.

I currently have 4 guineas:

  • Buttons – White hen
  • Cricket – Lavender hen
  • Gretel – Chocolate hen
  • Helen – Buff Dundotte hen (she’s my baby)

I’d love to have some…

  • Silver Penciled Rocks
  • Partridge Silkies
  • Splash Silkies
  • Golden Laced Polish
  • Buff Laced Polish
  • White Crested Blue Polish
  • Barred Hollands
  • White Laced Red Cornish
  • Barnevelders
  • Buckeyes
  • Black Frizzled Cochins
  • Mottled Cochins
  • Blue English Orpingtons
  • Splash Orpingtons
  • Dark Brahmas
  • Appenzeller Spitzhaubens
  • Belgian d’Uccles
  • Chenteclers
  • Quail Antwerp Bantams
  • Silver Sebrights
  • Golden Spangled Hamburgs
  • Black Tailed White Japanese
  • Russian Orloffs
  • Muscovies
  • Pied Spalding Peafowl
  • Royal Palm Turkeys
  • and I want an emu.. or two…

My list keeps growing. Basically, you name it, I want it. :P



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