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Well. I am down to four birds. In late October ’14 we decided the land needed a break from chickens (after having birds year-round since 2004), so I sold the remaining laying hens at a local auction. All that’s up in the coop now are my four little guinea hens – Buttons, Gretel, Cricket, and Helen. They seem to be just fine and don’t miss the chickens too much. We’re talking about maybe getting more guineas in the spring, and some meat birds again (we’re missin’ that good homegrown chicken!), and perhaps (hopefully) a turkey or two for Thanksgiving.


Anyway, the breeds I’ve had and who was what.

Black Australorps – Percival, Henny, Penny, Gabby, Oddball, Sweetie, Opal, Hilda, Sweet Pea

Silver Laced Wyandottes – Buster, Rosie, Lacy, Pansy, Winnie, Fatso, Blush

Barred Plymouth Rocks – Buzzy, Buttercup, Calico, Clover, Squeaky, Squiggles, Raindrop, Violet

Partridge Plymouth Rocks – Olive, Meggie, Ivy, Kiwi

Bantam Buff Columbian Rock – Tilly

Black Jersey Giant – Betty

Easter Eggers – Ducky, Penelope, Iris, Echo, Apollo, Cyril, Erastus, Tyrone

Delawares – Big Boy, Valentine, Blanche, et al

New Hampshires – Duchess, Lady Cluck

Rhode Island Reds – Paprika, Cayenne

Black Stars – Estelle, Noisette, Golde, Juliette, Monique

Golden Nuggets – Clotilde, Carmel

Red Rangers – Red, Monkey, et al

Dixie Rainbows – The Twins, et al

Silkies – Turnip, Mushroom

A mixed breed I have no clue the ID of  – Beauregard, Ida


And my guineas! (I love my guineas, by the way. They are incredibly sweet and adorable and seem to be more cost efficient than the chickens were. They also don’t dig holes in my sister’s cow barn for dust baths.)

1 Buff Dundotte (Helen)

1 Chocolate (Gretel)

1 White (Buttons)

1 Lavender (Cricket)



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