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Temporarily Back from a Self-Inflicted Hiatus

Temporarily Back from a Self-Inflicted Hiatus

I was thinking this morning. And I was thinking that it’s been a while since I posted anything on here that has anything to do with anything chicken. So I thought to myself, “Why not post something?” Myself thought it was a good idea, and here’s a post.


I was out photographing the other day at the “farmette” and got some (in my opinion) quite lovely photos of a few hens, some of my mother’s flowers, and a cute one of my sister’s Jersey x Dexter heifer. I figured I’d share them with y’all.










Rugosa roses

Rugosa roses




Success! …. maybe…

Well, the surgery went well… Whether or not it was successful, I don’t know. Iris was such a good girl.


There’s the classic dark scab…

It wasn’t as hard as I expected. Soaking her foot in the warm water with Epsom salts really helped soften the skin. The one bad thing is I didn’t get the infected pus out. It was stuck where I couldn’t get either the scalpel or tweezers, so I just had to say, “You know what, other folks have had this problem, and have just packed it with the antibiotic cream and bandaged it, and things have turned out fine.” So that’s what I did. The bad part about that is the infection is still there, and sometimes the bird will develop resistance to the antibiotic and it won’t work.


But, all that said, Iris is back with her pals, foot wrapped up in green VetWrap, climbing to the top roost, digging in cow pies, and having a grand time like chickens always do.


I gotta change the bandage today… all that cow poop isn’t the greatest thing to leave on her foot…

A Bit More Than Just Stitches…

You may remember my post from a while ago mentioning how one of my old girls had bumblefoot. Well, I’ve got another one.


Iris, one of my Easter Eggers, has developed the infection in her right foot. If left untreated, it can be fatal. So… Since Iris, unlike Pansy, is still in her prime (she’s about 1.5 years old), I’ve gotta bite the bullet (no pun intended) and perform surgery. The “biggest” thing of that sort I’ve ever done was stitches, when one of my girls got attacked by a fox and got a gash in her back.  This is definitely going to be a bit more than that.


Anyway, the procedure is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I’ve found some excellent resources and have been reading about it daily for the past week.


This page has some step by step photos and explanation of the process:


This video shows just what’s done (don’t watch if you’re squeamish!)



Wish me luck….

Photo Friday – ON TIME!

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Photo Friday (and a video)

This possessive little hummer sat there for ages, watching the feeder.

The rutabagas are up!

It’s a beet! (I think…)


Potatoes are lookin’ good!


This is one of the tomatoes we started from seed. It’s rather pitiful.


By comparison, here’s one we bought at the flower shop…


A ripening strawberry…


Petunias in the hydrant bed…


Icarus, my one and only male guinea…


Daisy Mae…




Happy First Birthday to Hamilton, the steer!


Valentine, Jersey/Holstein heifer




Clover again…












Iris… “Whatchya got therrr??”


And again…


Raindrop… She’s decided to join the army and her first step was to take on camo. Lookin’ good…


I’m bunny sitting!



Lovitchka (Lova for short)…


“Hey… Don’t look now, but she’s got the camera pointed right at you…”


She’s just so darn cute….. <3


Wishing there was no wire… See that sad little frown?


I adore rabbits’ eyes. <3


This is what my guineas thought of them:


I found a perfect daisy.


Sunshine! (And jet streams.)


And then the chickens were very sad that I was leaving, so they tried coming with me.


And here’s a short video of my guinea Aspen buckwheating. Only female guineas can make this noise.

Photo Friday

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Photo Friday

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